C O M M U N I C A T I O N S


Several of Paul's articles appeared on Themestream before it closed its doors in April 2001. The examples listed below can be viewed by clicking the links.

The Diana Rant -- How should the media react to a less-than-world-shattering event? One week was all it took for the British media to lose all sense of proportion.

Set Pieces -- Phantom in Toronto The Phantom of the Opera disappoints this music-lover.

Graphic Sex: Selling Technology Looked at any computer games recently?

Paul has also written a number of articles under the heading "Advice from the Scribe." Examples:

One Simple Step to Becoming a Writer You want to be a writer? Follow this single, simple guideline.

In Popular Fiction, Only One Thing Really Matters What do readers want most of all? Not setting. Not style. Not even 'good writing.'

Speedy Article Makeover -- the FLAWCAPS way Before you send your article, use this quick checklist.

For examples of Paul's "Constructive Comment Column" see It's a Fake, Honest! and In Keeping.

Also check out The Rev-Up Review Pages for more of Paul's work online.

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